Holidays in Nepal. Unique festival at Shikali temple

In the village of Hokana on the outskirts of the capital of Nepal – the city of Kathmandu, the Shikali Jatra festival takes place in October. It is organized at the Shikali temple at a time when the Nepalese – Hindus celebrate the most famous festival in the country Dashain or Dashera and is dedicated to the harvest, as well as the victory of the forces of good over the forces of evil.

The most important thing in this festival is to prepare masks of the gods and clothes for the holiday. In the days of Dashera, numerous processions of people dressed in gods take place.

Musicians from the priests are invited to perform music on traditional instruments. There are a lot of people at the festival.

Shikali Jatra is a holiday of representatives of the Newar people from the Kathmandu valley. Now the organization of the festivals of the Newars is carried out by the Organization for Social and Economic Development, which consists of young people interested in the development of both external and internal tourism.

They organize small cultural programs in which they talk about the traditions and customs of the Newars.

The Shikali Jatra Festival, which is the main festival for the villages of the Kathmandu Valley, is also part of their field of activity.
A small but densely populated area that belongs to the Newar community is located southwest of Lalitpur.

The inhabitants of the surrounding villages are mainly engaged in the cultivation of mustard.

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