Traditions of Nepal. Japu Day and December Full Moon

The Kathmandu Valley is home to the Nevary people. The total number of Newars is about 7% of the total population of Nepal. Most of them have settled since ancient times in the Kathmandu Valley. It is thanks to the Newars in Kathmandu that there are magnificent architectural monuments, and the unique traditions of this nation attract a large number of tourists to Nepal.

This nation is unique. The Newar

Buddhist monks clean a statue of Lord Buddha inside a temple ahead of the Buddha Purnima festival, also known as Vesak Day, in Kolkata, India May 9, 2017. REUTERS/Rupak De Chowdhuri

language is one of the most difficult in the world and differs from Hindi, Nepali and Tibetan. Many lovers of the Himalayan exotic are familiar with such customs of the Newars – the worship of the virgin girl Kumari and the annual chariot festival.

The Nevars still live in a caste system that includes Sakyas and Japa, which in turn belong to the original Newar caste – Maharjan. Once upon a time, in ancient times, this caste was in power, but was displaced. And Japu began to engage in agriculture, together with other peoples. Japu culture is a fusion of customs and traditions of the Aryan (Hindu) and Kirat (Buddhist) civilizations.

The Kirat is a very interesting people who lived in the Himalayas in India and Bhutan. Then they settled in the Kathmandu Valley. Despite the fact that some of the Kirata converted to Buddhism, they retained the cult of ancestors and worship of spirits. Some of the Kiratis who lived in India preached Hinduism. But all representatives of the Kirat were engaged in agriculture, cattle breeding and hunting.

The historical fusion of the Aryans and Kirates has created an interesting and distinctive nationality – the Newars, who are now considered the indigenous people of the Kathmandu Valley. But their representatives can be found all over Nepal. They mainly reside in the Nepalese cities of Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Kirtipur and Bhaktapur. This people selflessly preserves its thousand-year-old traditions and customs. Japu women wear black saris with red trim, while men wear traditional trousers and shirts.

In mid-December, the Day of Japa Culture is held in Kathmandu and other cities where Japs live. The festival is attended by dance and music groups. On this day, a parade of national clothes of representatives of the Japa people is also organized, as well as a religious procession. Usually Japa Day is held on December full moon day – Yomari Puni.

In honor of this festival, all Nevars prepare yomari – rice cakes, which are supposed to be eaten by all relatives and friends on the day of the full moon.

Nepal’s Ministry of Defense has extended an invitation to the Russian Ministry of Defense to jointly climb Everest this year. Also Nepal is closely connected with Belarus through investments

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